3 things every website owner should know about Google Analytics

Whether you are participating in digital marketing or not, you should have tracking set up on your website. Tracking, at it’s simplest level, allows you as a website owner to view where your visitors are coming from, and what they do on your website. 

Google Analytics is the most widely used websites analytics platform in existence and from the looks of things that will not be changing anytime in the near future. Google is constantly improving the features of this very robust application but there are a few basic things every business owner should know. When it comes to Google Analytics here are the three metrics you should be aware of. 



If you are currently utilizing SEO to improve you search engine rankings this is one of the most important metrics for tracking the success of your campaigns. Specifically, looking at your organic traffic in Analytics is the easiest way to watch for signs of improvement when it comes to SEO. Tracking the amount of traffic year to year also allows you to see cyclical fluctuation in the amount of visitors you receive. 



All the traffic in the world does not mean anything to you as a website owner if it is not quality traffic. Before you can even begin to talk about leads, you need to look at your engagment stats. These stats show you, briefly, the pages per session, the average session duration, and the bounce rate. Using these stats will help you to root out issues with your website as well as improve the quality of your content. 



Conversion tracking allows you to determine how the visitors that convert into leads arrived on your website. Additioanlly you can use goal tracking to determine what steps are leading to conversions, and where your traffic might be dropping off in the conversion funnel. Essentially this is the single most important metric to any online campaign. 

Does Analytics have you confused?

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