A simple content optimization checklist that will work for any blog

Simply put your content is what matters. It is why people visit your site, and if it’s good enough it’s why visitors turn into customers. There is an almost infinite amount of ways you can improve your content, but the following list is a very basic one that includes elements every article should have. 


  • Optimized page or post title
  • Meta description tag
  • H1 - H3 Tags
  • Keywords in content
  • No duplicate content
  • Internal links and anchors
  • Calls to action
  • Enticing and shareable

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Does your content have:

  1. Optimized page or post title – Page titles are still really important to your position in search engine rankings. Make sure your keyword(s) is in your title!
  2. Meta description tag – The meta description tag should be less than 160 characters and most importantly be compelling and engaging.
  3. H1-H3 tags – Make sure your page has at least one H1 tag with the targeted keyword. Use them sparingly to break up content into sections. 
  4. Keywords in content – This is where less is more, but none will not work. Make sure you have your primary keyword and its most common variations at least once on the page.
  5. No duplicate content – Whether you pasted it from another website (even one you own) or even quoted a large amount from another source, you have a problem. It’s better to not have no content than duplicate content. 
  6. Internal links and anchors – Use links sparingly to provide additional resources on your own website or links out to authority sites. 
  7. Calls to action – Tell people what to do next. If you want people to stay on your website or take a desired action you have to tell them what it is. 
  8. Enticing and shareable – This is crucial for blog posts. Don’t make readers of your content work to hard to share it on social networks. 

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